Get ready to land one of the baddest fish in the ocean! South Florida has a huge variety of shark species that migrate through our waters, including Lemon, Sandbar, Nurse, Blacktip, Spinner, Hammerhead and Bull Sharks. Landing any one of these fish is definitely a memory you'll want to talk about - and we'll make sure you have pictures to prove it.

The big Tug O' War! Goliaths are hands down the biggest and baddest, so if you're looking to catch an absolute monster of the sea, this is the trip for you. Get ready to hold on as Goliath Groupers have been known to grow up to sizes comparable to a Volkswagen. This species is a catch and release only with the opportunity for a picture while reviving before the release. 

This bad boy wasn't nicknamed the Silver King for no good reason. With a fight of a lifetime, Tarpon are known for their amazing acrobatics and powerful drag-screaming runs. Landing this vigorous powerhouse is a true accomplishment, and we will make sure you have video to prove it! Tarpon swim off the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva, Cayo Costa and passes including our world famous Boca Grande pass! Available seasonal (April - July). Please call for best dates and details.