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Captain Jeff holds a 100GT U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License and is a full time SWFL Charter Captain who values safety as his top priority. Experience is what makes a good captain and Capt. Jeff lives and breathes fishing. He has spent endless hours on the water to ensure the best of luck on the end of your line.

This custom-built 23' Hanson tower boat offers an extremely dry and comfortable ride for up to 6 passengers! It's wide beam allows for a very stable and roomy day on the water. Built specifically for this coast, the 23' Hanson is the perfect bay boat for the flats, drafting only 10" of water, and it's high bow allows it to head out the passes and seamlessly slip through the rougher conditions of the nearshore fishery. The tower and it's wide top offers nice shade for those hot sunny days and the open deck has plenty of room for big coolers, which means ice cold beverages!   

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